Book Review: Afterburn by Sylvia Day


 4 Stars

With ambition and determination in her blood Gianna was setting out to make a name for herself, but to also prove one person wrong….Jax the one who had stolen her heart and broke it to pieces. Aligning herself with talented female entrepreneur Lei Yeung, who had her share of heart break, Gianna and Lei tag team to silently take revenge on the men who hurt them through their work. While anticipating the biggest acquisition of her career, Gianna sits at dinner with Lei and their client when things seemingly begin to slowly fall apart but the most shocking was seeing in the flesh the one she had least expected to see…..Jackson Rutledge.

In a quest not to mix business with pleasure, Gianna finds it hard not too when she seeming now has to go through Jax to get to the bottom of the acquisition fall out.

In a sizzling first novel to this series, Sylvia Day has done it again……as if we would expect anything different. Emotions are strong, the chemistry it HOTTT and the mysteries have yet to be uncovered. This alpha male is after what he wants but yet pushed away, but Gianna is determined to play by her own rules this time and to get to the bottom of all this chaos. I read this novel in less than a day!! Sylvia Day really knows how to set up a story and I loved it!!! It is a cliffhanger, but I know with Sylvia Day that the next one will be just as great as this one and I’m looking forward to it.


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