Book Review: Fractured Souls (Shattered Promises, #2) by Jessica Sorensen


5 Stars

Picking up exactly where the previous novel left off…….Gemma wakes up from only what she wants to believe was a horrible dream but quickly finds out that because she can remember it….it’s not a dream at all but more of a nightmare and she doesn’t know who to trust. Alex is trying his best to protect Gemma from others and herself, but he has no real indication how to do so. The more Alex finds out about Gemma, the more his past begins to make since and not in a good way. Determined to find her mother in the Underworld, Gemma sets the group on a turn of events that she wants to take the blame for but little did she know the events were already at play and she was a pawn in the game….

I absolutely loved this book!!!!!! Jessica Sorensen is such a creative writer. I love how the characters are so believable and you get completely drawn into the story as you take this incredible yet scary journey with them. Gemma is so torn between what she wants and all theses new experience that its hard for her to know whats right and whats wrong. Alex is the pillar, but just like some pillars, his walls are beginning to fall as the layers are revealed and he learns truths he’s not yet willing to fully accept. Laylen is a lost tortured soul who’s confusion and hurt is strongly felt in the novel, just as Aislin emotions and confidence is all tangled up in the morass. I could go on and on about these characters that I’ve grown to love, but I will leave you to read about them and grow to love them as I have. Though heart broken at the conclusion of this novel, I’m eagerly anticipating the next one in the series as author Jessica Sorensen left me on such a huge cliff hanger……..

This is a must read!!!


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