Book Review: Jaded Touch (Vesper, #2) by Nola Sarina

3 Stars

I received this book in exchange for an honest review (LoP). And honestly I liked the book even without having read the first one. It was a very quick read and there were some sections of which I felt i needed more background and had various unanswered questions because things moved so quickly. But most of those questions were answered by the end and I’m sure that some of the background to tie up some loose ends most likely are in the first book. However, I loved the Vespar characters created and would like to go back and read the first book. 


Three was a rebel from the beginning with a temper that was hard to control and a distorted memory but as you continue to read you find out why. I really fell in love with Sychar, he just had something about him that drew me into his character and his rebelliousness as well. 🙂 (I won’t spoil it) Author Nola Sarina, really surprised me with some of the twist that happened with the main characters, Three, Sychar and Jack and I’m looking forward to hopefully another book that will lead in the direction of Sychar……


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