Book Review: New Beginnings (Prequel to Others of Edenton) by Brandy L. Rivers

Image 5 Stars

WOW!!!!! This book was amazing.I was given this book in exchange for an honest review (LoP or Lovers of Paranormal). I loved In Too Deep and was super excited to read this one. And Rivers gave me everything I wanted and more. With this being a prequel, I really wasn’t sure which way Rivers was going to go, but every questions I had about Slater and Jess and even Edenton were answered and then some. 


After years of being hounded by her current Alpha, Jess wakes to find one of her visions, (a big drunken mistake) reality. Before things get even more worse now that Gregory had gotten a taste, Jess decides its time to move on and get what she really wanted, a way out and her own bar. Looking to escaping an old life for new beginnings, she contacts Edenton pack Alpha, Slater. Jess not only finds herself the new wolf amongst the Edenton pack, and the owner of her own bar which the new Alpha sold her, but when she arrives in Edenton, Jess realizes that she may have ran right into that which she has tried to avoid. 


The female heroin Jess is amazing and so believable. “He’s not coming in. I’ll answer the door with a loaded shotgun with silver bullets…” can you not tell she can hold her own. New Beginnings is another excellent read in the ‘Others of Edenton’ series, this book really laid the foundation of how Jess ended up in Edenton. Rivers creativity and humor made it so hard for me to put this book down. Her talent to connect the plot flawlessly is amazing. I thought I loved Fallon and Brody, but Jess and Slater are HOTTT as well. It’s something about these Alphas and their feisty women that has me waiting for more. Rivers has quickly became one of my favorite authors!! The ‘Others of Edenton’ series is a definite Must read!


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