Book Review: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern


5 Stars

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome…….did I say Awesome!!!!!!! Ok so I will never look at a circus the same again. This book displayed magic and illusions in a way I had never read before. The first couple of chapters it took me a while to read (I personally just couldn’t connect, but as I kept reading things got much better).

Two characters bound to a challenge at a very young age, neither knowing the exact rules of which to play by but brought up with very different instructors and philosophies. One taught through books, the other through experience; each not knowing who the other is or when and where the challenge begins. As the story progresses this elaborate circus is constructed and thus the game begins. With an entire circus as the venue for the challenge both Celia and Marco displays there talents to the best of their ability not knowing that the risk to them both is greater than the reward.

A very beautifully constructed story full of illusions, unexpected events and forbidden romance, this is definitely a novel I would read again and also recommend. Author Erin Morgenstern created a story told from various characters point of view 🙂 and it’s what made the story so much more interesting as you took the journey with the characters as each story entwined to complete a spectacular novel.


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