“Fifty Shades Trilogy” re-reading reflection

ImageOk, so I admit, I have read the “Fifty Shades trilogy” more than twice. So why is it that I want to read it again? I have a ton of books that I need to finish reading and even more to start but here I am again wanting to revisit the series that’s had many talking about it. So my question is…………….what is it about the Fifty Shades series that keeps us wanting to re-read it?

Though many may think it’s all about the sex, to me there was more to the story than what the surface entailed. Perhaps it’s because of my interest and studies in child a family law that had me reading more into the issues that troubled the relationship and how as adults we bring those things with us. Though our past both good and bad has shaped who we are today, we have also developed some strong personality traits because of it. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the sexual scenes in the book weren’t interesting :-), what I am referencing to is that for some of us, it was more to the book then that. So if you care to share, please do. 


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