Upcoming Book Release: Treasure Your Love by J.C. Reed

OMG!!!!! I can’t wait. I’ve been waiting on the third book to be released for what seems like forever and now it’s almost here.



Jett unlocked the door and entered to switch off the silent alarm. I didn’t move from the spot until he peered out again with a quizzical look. “Are you coming?”
I shook my head. “I don’t feel comfortable with this. What if she finds out?”
“She won’t. She lives in Florida and asked me to personally take care of it.” He winked. “Which I will—literally.”
“We can’t. What if the neighbors see us?”
He pulled me inside and closed the door behind me. It closed with a loud bang. I regarded him, shocked by his boldness. Jett dropped the bag and turned to face me.
“Who says we can’t?” His eyes had that dangerous look I had first glimpsed the day we had sex on the beach. The one that always promised a sizzling time. The one that didn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. “First of all, we’re her realtors, Brooke, and it’s in her contract that we enter the house in her absence at our convenience. And second, what are you afraid of?” He raised my chin and his lips came so close I could feel his sexy breath as his voice dropped to a whisper, “After I win, I get to choose where and how I take you. What if I want it here? Will you deny me?”
His finger curled around the buttons on my business jacket as he opened them one by one. One button and then another until my thin blouse was exposed. “What if I told you that the only reason I brought you here is to have sex in the pool, on the beach, in the backyard, or on the pool table?”
“Thanks for your honesty. But it doesn’t matter, Jett, because you haven’t won yet.” It took me all my willpower to push his hand from under my blouse.
“Having you twenty-four hours just for myself sounds too tempting to let you win. You know that, right?”
“People who reach too far are the ones who fall from the greatest height.” My smile matched his cocky grin when all I wanted was to get this over and done with so we could have sex, anywhere, everywhere.
“Brilliant people like me never fall.”


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