V’s Spotlight: A Day on the Runway presented by KaronCouture

It’s best when you see the fruits of your labor and you begin to live your dream. I’m so proud of my cousin for never giving up on what her true passion is. It warms my heart every time I see her reach new levels in her business and I love how she always wants to give back.

If any of you are in the Houston area, please support her project and spread the word.

Head-to-Toe styling for the everyday girl or woman, business professional, magazine, runway and all. Your beauty & style transformation starts here! Are YOU ready to be TRANSFORMED?



Meet Karon L. Washington { KC Founder}

Many times in life, one comes across individuals who are gifted with talents that touch the world. But it is rare that they come across individuals who have a natural “knack” for a particular craft. This rings true for Karon Washington. With a beautiful family and two successful businesses, Karon holds fast to her mantra of style and excellence. Karon Couture and Like My Style, Inc. (LMS) are the businesses that keep her making hearts happy, keep her clients looking their best, and causing esteem to be raised to a healthy level. This is Karon’s mission because of her own humble beginnings:

Raised on the South Side of inner city Chicago……continue reading her full story


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