Book Review: Losing Control (Losing Control #1) by Desiree Wilder

losingcontrol 2.5 Stars:


Gia feels broken inside after several miscarriages and a failed marriage. Now she’s just looking to have some fun…

During her marriage, she and her husband tried for several years to have a baby, she got pregnant three times and miscarried all three. Her husband couldn’t bear to give up his dream of having a family so they grew apart and eventually divorced. Gia feels like a total failure since she couldn’t carry a child. But now, it’s time to move on. She just wants to have a little fun. She needs to have a little fun. Secretly hoping of a wild sexual encounter with someone who craves to devour her inch by inch, she and a group of her closest friends set out to have a wild weekend at a rock festival which they look forward to every year. This is what she wants and what she needs, but is she really ready for this?

Ethan has been working too hard for the past ten years to have a serious relationship, but he’s always fantasized about one woman…

Ethan’s put his heart and soul into this venue and this year it looks like he might finally make a profit. Each year it hosts a rock festival and every year he looks for one person, the same person, the problem is he doesn’t know anything about her, he doesn’t even know her name. Finally he meet’s her and she’s everything he always hoped for, except for one thing…she seems to be looking for a wild sexual encounter. This causes a bit of a dilemma since all he really wants is to get to know who this mystery woman is. He needs to know who she is. While trying to fulfill her every desire he gives her the most carnal sexual experience of her life, hoping she will open up to him and give him a chance to discover who she truly is.


This was a very quick read, but overall a good book.

Gia is a basically a good girl who likes to have fun. She has been through some tough situations in her marriage that has caused her to question herself and her self-confidence. Having gone through three miscarriages, a failed marriage that lead to a divorce, and a one night stand she couldn’t go through with, Gia has finally decided that its time for a little fun. Using the annual rock festival as her playground, Gia has her mind made up that all she wants is that once in a lifetime chance sexual encounter with a hot guy to redeem herself confidence.

Ethan has been struggling to turn a profit on the camp ground that was once his grandfather’s and this years annual rock festival is looking pretty good.  With high expectations of a profit this year, Ethan also has one other thing on his mind….to find the mystery women who has taken root in his mind for the last ten years. Not even knowing her name, but naming her “Hottness”, Ethan seeks to finally approach this woman and get to know her.

When the opportunity arrives and the two meet, Gia feels like she’s the only person in his world by the way he looks at her, and Ethan is captivated by her beautiful eyes and she is everything and more than what he was expecting. However, what they both need and desire seems to be complete opposites of each other and thus creates a problem for both.

Ethan realizes that Gia is looking for that one night stand when in fact he really wants to get to know her, however Gia feels both turned on and rejected by Ethan due to his reluctance to want to rush into sex, but it’s what she really wants. Finally deciding to give Gia what she wants, Ethan caves. After their awesome sexual encounter in his office, Gia has a moment of reflection as things aren’t how she thought they would be.

I was really enjoying the story, especially Gia’s personality once she made up in her mind that she was going to get what she wanted one way or another. I also expected a little more from Ethan in the form of an alpha male but I didn’t necessarily get that. Ethan was just a really sweet guy, who really wanted to “do the right thing”, I sort of felt like the author was holding back on his character. I was also left feeling like where’s the rest of the story at the end. There was no lead into a sequel, though I’m certain there will be one, but the story just cut off……”What the hell?” was all I could say. I also would like more on Trey and Dana as there is definitely a blossoming relationship with them. I would like to read more and hopefully the author really gets into developing the plot for Gia and Ethan.




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