Book Review: Take Me (Stark Trilogy #3.5) by J. Kenner

takemecover3 Stars


For fans of Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared to You comes a fast-paced, erotic eBook novella from J. Kenner. Following The Stark Trilogy—the bestselling novels Release Me, Claim Me, and Complete Me—“Take Me” continues the story of Damien Stark and Nikki Fairchild, and introduces Evan Black, the enigmatic man at the center of J. Kenner’s upcoming novel, Wanted .

I’ve long dreamed of my fairy tale wedding, but it wasn’t until I met Damien Stark—who captured me with his kisses and undid me with his touch—that I began to believe it was my destiny. Though we both carry secrets and scars, our shared passion heals us, binding us together. We have surrendered to each other completely, and our mutual ecstasy is the brightest light in my life.

But darkness still snakes through the cracks in our armor. Ghosts from our past have moved in, bringing fresh pain that cuts deep and threatens to destroy everything we hold dear.

Damien is my anchor to this world, and I am his. But if we are going to keep each other, we have to fight the shadows of our pasts to move forward into our future.

“Take Me” is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.


Picking up with the wedding planning, Nikki and Damien still has me captivated in this quick read. Despite all that they have been through, the past still refuses to stay in the past. At a time when Nikki should be glowing and her happiest, the threat of a relapse into her past behaviors is even more prevalent now. There are countless things that need to be done for the wedding and the closer the date approaches, the more challenges she face. Damien knows that Nikki wants to be as involved as possible with the wedding planning, but he also knows that she has a breaking limit and that’s what he is looking to avoid. Even with all the money that can hire the best wedding planners, Nikki’s a do it yourself kind of girl. That is until a surprised guest shows up on their doorstep and that catches Nikki off guard.

With this unexpected visitor in town, Nikki finds herself caught in a chain of events that seek to break her progress. But with Damien at her side to intercept the damage the visitor seeks to inflict, some things are righted while others have yet to be discovered. It’s their final act of defiance together that let’s you know these two were meant for each other.

I enjoyed reading this short prelude into the “Wanted” series. We get to see Damien and Nikki finally unite in more ways than one and we are also introduced to Evan Black. Though I know this is not the last glimpse of Nikki and Damien, it was a really nice conclusion to this part in their journey. Now I’m looking forward to Evan Black and glimpses of the Starks.


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