Book Review: Tell Me I’m Dreaming (The Kali Lockton Trilogy, #2) by JL Durfey

tellmeimdreamingcover 4 Stars


Seeing things before they happen has made twenty-four year old Kali Lockton quite the celebrity in the elemental world, only the attention is far from good. In fact, she lives each day with a target over her head. Her only defenses are her visions and Jared Miles, the man who holds her heart and has made it his duty to protect her from his own world.

When both of those things are jeopardized, Kali is forced to retreat from her safety net and put her trust in the dangerously sexy Alexander Payne, someone she’s always viewed as manipulative and self-serving.

Just when Kali believes her life couldn’t unravel further, everything she’s known about herself, including her value to the elemental world, disintegrates with a few shocking revelations. Kali learns she is not only the key to an elemental king’s power, but that she carries the responsibility of the continued existence of worlds she’s learned to fear, people she’s never met, and the ones she loves dearly. But such responsibility never comes without a price.


I received this book in exchange for an honest review (LoP or Lovers of Paranormal).

Let me start by saying that this book exceeded my expectations. I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting to read but it wasn’t what was written. It was a pleasure reading this sequel! The author really left me speechless with the way in which the plot was intricately woven to create an awesome reading experience. I enjoyed the romance scenes and really would like to thank the author for the way in which it was presented it to the readers.

The suspense was well-kept and it really made me even more anxious as the plot continued to develop though out this novel, if it’s at all possible. The twists and turns that the author creates were very much appreciated  and the revelations about which the blurb hints is really sort of life altering not only for Kali but also for the readers. It’s from this creativity that the author forms a bond between the readers and the characters which has us picking sides and rooting for one person more than the other. Are you team Jared or team Alex? Though I’m leaning more towards Alex, there were a few things one could like about Jared just as there are some things about Alex that some don’t like.

Now let’s talk about Alex!  This sexy, hot character did catch my attention.  He was totally the bad boy with a good heart, who looks out for something that he considers his. Yup, I get it and I fell for him too. I really enjoyed the banter between him and Kali when they lived together. It was really funny how they pushed each other buttons (as most couples do) and they lived to torture each other. I really enjoyed the increasing intensity and intimacy between Kali and Alex. To me it was a much-needed change, but fit very well into all the other things happening in the story. The power-packed action really spiced up this novel and made it a much more interesting read. The emotional turmoil that Kali faced is really heart wrenching and it made me hurt with and for her.

Having a lot of responsibilities dumped on you is not quite pleasant neither is seeing events before they happen but when you realize that your decisions and actions are powerful enough to effect and change your world then it becomes something mush bigger than yourself. I’m not sure how well I could handle some of the things Kali faced. In this sequel Kali’s character evolved as a strong, confident and totally dependent female. I enjoyed her journey and how the events developed her into an awesome female heroine.

Now the only thing that still has me pissed off is…….the cliffhanger. Yup this novel has it and it will irritate the hell out of you. However, I’m anticipating the next novel in this series to see where the story evolves from here. I do recommend this book, so add it to that TBR list.


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