Book Review: Crash Into Me (Heart of Stone #1) by K.M. Scott


crash into me cover  4 stars


What would you give up for everything?

Tristan Stone was powerful, commanding, sex incarnate. And he wore it all so well. From the moment his mesmerizing gaze met mine, I had no choice but surrender to everything he was. His power. His decadence. His passion. He was all I never knew I needed.

He wanted to possess me, and I wanted to be his everything. All I had to do was accept what he offered. But everything has a price.

The world he gave me fulfilled my wildest dreams, but would that be enough when the past crashed into the present?


This is one of those books where you are saying to yourself along with the main female character, “This is too good to be true.” So just from that you can tell how frustrated I was with one alpha male named Tristan Stone. A man of very few words, but willing to give one lady the world…..What’s the catch???

I’m trying to give the goods of this book without giving spoilers and for this book this is a challenge for me. Tristan is a powerful, wealthy man who walks into Nina’s life one evening while she was working and she instantly knew that she was attracted to him. Considering she was at work, and he’s surrounded with a female entourage, she knew he was way out of her league. Once her shift was completed and she was ready to head home, Nina found herself in the dark alley startled by that same man who appeared to be waiting on her. With quick decisions to make, Nina found herself on the ride of her life, but when she thought it had ended, it had only just began.

This book has lots of secrets, and it’s those secrets that keep you so drawn into the book. Nina is unsure of her relationship status as lines have been blurred and Tristan is definitely hiding something. The frustration I felt toward Tristan is unbelievable as I could feel that he was hiding something, and for the life of me I didn’t understand why to me it appeared that Nina ignored this small detail, choosing to focus on other surface issues. You will definitely get some hot body action, but the vulnerability that stands out for both Nina and Tristan you can’t sweep under the rug. They both have some things to work through and a past that intertwines like no other. Can love overlook some of Nina’s worst fears of her past, and can Tristan hold onto something he never thought he would find????

You will certainly enjoy the ride that K.M. Scott takes you on with this couple but if I could offer any advice………….pay attention to details in this book. You know those nagging little questions that pop up when you read a scene and have that WTF moment, or the raised eyebrow indicting you’re not buying it. I was pissed at the end of this book, because I did not see the ending unfold as it did in this novel. This book does have a cliffhanger so you might want to grab book two when you get this one so that its waiting.  It’s a must read so grab it and add it to your TBR list.


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