Book Review: The Agreement (Unrestrained #1) by S.E. Lund

theagreement 3 Stars


“A letter to my sub:

You trust me completely to know what you need. And I do know what you need. I know what to whisper in your ear to make you need me even more. I know how to touch, where to touch, when to touch.

I know you.

You can relax completely with me. You can feel everything possible with me. You can respond with total abandon with me. 

That is what I most desire.”

So begins an enticing letter from an anonymous Dominant to his new submissive.

While graduate student Kate McDermott waits in a Manhattan cafe to meet the Dom who will help with her research on BDSM, she reads the letter again, telling herself her interest is strictly academic. If she’s honest, Kate must admit it’s more than that – it’s a deeper need she can’t deny.

When Drake Morgan, MD, neurosurgeon, bass player, philanthropist walks through the cafe door to talk to her about the lifestyle, Kate is mortified. The son of her father’s oldest and best friend, Drake is far too desirable and too much a part of her social circle for comfort. If she decides to go through with this, can the carefully-worded agreement she draws up restrain their undeniable desire for each other?

Unable to resist his determined seduction, Kate begins an intense relationship with Drake that pushes all of her, and Drake’s, boundaries. Highly erotic, The Agreement is a love story that will stay with you long after you finish reading.


I still haven’t been able to determine what I really feel about this book. I came into it with an expectation that a curious graduate student was interested in more than just researching the BDSM lifestyle, and more that she wanted her real curiosity quenched. Kate has a very interesting upbringing and some dark things that she tries to hide. When she sets a goal to enter the BDSM community using research as her catalyst, she never expected to run into someone so close to her societal circle.

Drake Morgan, MD is a very private guy, so when he agrees to help a grad student with her research on BDSM, he never expected it to be someone so close and someone he really wanted to meet. At the risk of his private life being exposed, Dr. Drake Morgan sets himself on a path that blurs the lines of Master and Submissive, but little does Kate know what she’s getting herself into.

Throughout this book I did struggle with how the D/s relationship evolved. As I’m used to more alpha doms and compliant subs, this D/s relationship was laughable to me. So here is where I’m up in the air. I’m still not sure if this lighthearted D/s relationship was what the author was going for or not. I picture Dr. Morgan as a complete hottie so I’m struggling to see how he was not able to take complete control. Then again Kate is this on again off again sub, who seems to want things her way….so instead of giving herself over completely I sort of felt this watered down D/s relationship. It was baffling that Dr. Morgan is supposed to be this awesome master, but I never really got a chance to experience that with him in this book.

Some scenes felt rushed and the secrets weren’t as deep as I was expecting but rather surface things that were brushed over once revealed. I really would have enjoyed more suspense around the past that Kate and Drake semi shared together. Now I’m not saying that this book was horrible, on average it was on alright book, there were just somethings that didn’t all the way click for me. I did get the second book in this series to see if perhaps more of the suspense in the story comes out and I get a chance to see the real Dominant Dr. Morgan.


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