Book Review: Deviant by Callie Hart



4.5 Stars



I’m not proud of the things I’ve done.

The things I’ve had to do.

The things I’ve given away.

but I’d give it all over again to find her.

Even if i die trying,

I have to find Alexis.


She wants me to help her,

But I won’t.

She wants me to save her sister,

But I can’t.

She wants me to be her hero,

But I’m not a good man.

I am her damnation.


ARC kindly provided by “Callie Hart” in exchange for an honest review (Thank you for this arc 😉 )

What are you willing to do for someone you love? For someone who was taken from you and you have no idea where to look for them? What are you willing to sacrifice?

Sloane enters into an arrangement to have sex with a man she’s never met, just to gain information that she so desperately wants. The only instructions she was given was to wear a mask, black lace lingerie and to meet at a particular hotel room and wait. Sloane was terrified, but her sister has gone missing and to get the information she needs all she needs to do is sleep with this mystery man. She’s prepared to do anything to get her sister back, and because of desperation, she places herself in a dangerous situation prepared to make an ultimate sacrifice of herself. Though her fear is heightened when this mysterious man arrives, Sloane finds herself in unchartered territory as she gets a shock of a lifetime. How can she be fearful and turned on all at the same time? She had no clue what to expect from the mystery man, but Sloane was even more baffled that her body betrayed her and turned into a wiling participant. As it’s dark in the room and she’s wearing a mask, Sloane never gets to see this man. So how is it that a total stranger has caused every nerve in her body to tremble, every coherent thought in her head to disappear, and nothing has ever felt more electrifying, EVER!! All she knows of him is the feel of his body, his scars, and most of all his deep, rumbling, sexy and commanding voice. The voice that will haunt her for years to come, as well as his touch. Though this arrangement was only meant as a one time encounter, it was a night not to be forgotten, and it was the start of a chain of events for both Zeth and Sloane.

Deviant was an awesome debut novel. The Blurb did nothing but enhance my curiosity as to why it was so vague, and I want to thank Callie for doing so (this was absolute genius). There is so much more to this book and that little passage did exactly what it was supposed to do which was entice the readers to want to find out what was going on. This is a novel that you won’t want to put down, as sexual awakening meets, organized crime syndicates; that will have you turning page after page. Author Callie Hart does a remarkable job of pulling you into the story from the very beginning. The first chapter alone sucks you in as it was mysterious, seductive and terrifyingly exciting all at the same time. Hart’s debut novel gives you jaw dropping kinky sex scenes, intensity, wit, and a sensational plot that has you wanting to know more about Zeth and Sloane.

Sloane is the heroine of this story and though she has inner scars, she is still a sexy, smart and secretly kinky seductive woman, who is hell-bent on finding her sister, but also exploring this sensual side that she didn’t know existed. As for Zeth, here we have another tall, dark hair, dark eyes, tattooed, and kinky as hell bad boy. Let’s not forget somewhat cocky and sure of himself, and YES, definitely my type of BFF.  Just read this and let it sink in……

“I’m very particular about what I want. You need to do what I ask you without question

and this will go nicely for both of us, okay?”

 Ummmm  okay?? Abso-fu*king-lutly Zeth!!!! If his voice is anything like I imagine………*sighs* I’m a goner. I’ll do whatever he says, when he says and how. Talk about conceitedness!!! That’s and understatement here with Zeth. This is a bad boy who knows exactly what he wants and is going to make sure you like it as well. Any complaints???……..NOPE, none here?

“That’s not the game we’re playing, here. Own me, or I’ll own you. And trust me … you don’t want that.” 

This entire first encounter that Sloane has with the mystery man (Zeth) screams “Run as far and as quick as you can”, and “Get out now”, but she’s totally turned on. Hell so was I. I think I said yes when I read this statement…….Yes, Zeth you can own me…lol. Trust me when I say that the things he says and does will have your panties wet ladies so you might want to read this one without them.

“She doesn’t know it yet, but she is perfect for me and my dark and nasty desires.”

You want to hear more of what Zeth says? Sorry ladies get the book. 🙂

I truly enjoyed this debut novel, the only downfall for me is that it was too short. I wanted more, much, much more. Though the ending isn’t technically a cliffhanger, it will leave you with a WTF!!!!!! As in you can’t end it there, I need to know more. This novel was also like a sea-saw to me, where Hart gave you just enough of the kinkiness of Zeth and Sloane that you were in this erotic haze but then teetering on the edge of all this mysterious organized crime going on in the background.  The pace of this book is fast and hard 😉 and as you read the intensity gets stronger. The one thing I know for sure is that I want more…….Callie Hart I’m looking forward to a second book.


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