About Us:

Trulee V’s Spot is a place in which our love for books and interesting subject matters that arises from those books, run wild. This blog was created so that avid readers and book lovers would have a place to go and share our thoughts and reviews about books we have read, share new and upcoming releases, and of course participate in giveaways. This allows other readers insight on what to read and also a place where we can chat about books. We regularly post book reviews ranging from Young Adult to Nonfiction. Among the regular features are Monday Musings, and a monthly Book Challenge. We welcome guest posts and recommendations for future book reviews. We hope you browse around, check out a few new books, comment on post and stay awhile! Are you truly a V (Vixen)?

We are also active on NetworkedblogsBloglovin’Book Blogs and The Indie View.

Meet team V (Vixen):

V (Valencia) 2013-06-11 08.17.22

Hailing from the Windy City of Chicago, Valencia now resides in Phoenix, AZ where she enjoys parenting, family, friends, work and occasionally chooses to indulge in her biggest hobby of reading.  Reading has been a love of hers from as long as she can remember, and quickly escalated at a young age from winning Young Authors Programs, to writing poetry and even having one complete manuscript unpublished and working on another one.  As a mother to a very active 2-year old daughter, Valencia is a lover of life and all things creative and enjoys juggling life, books, and blogging!  She review’s books, give you news, release dates, giveaways, and really just talk about her love of books.

“Reading is my escape, a way to leave the world behind and have fantastic adventures where creativity knows no bounds.”  She loves sharing her experiences of books, so this blog is her outlet.

Every book I read, I will then post an original and honest review of. Please look over our review Policy.

“Remember it’s not an obsession it’s a library!”

You can contact her at Truleevsspot@gmail.com, or follow her on Facebook,  and Twitter. She is also active on Goodreads,  Pinterest, and The Indie View.

Jay  (Jeannette)


Born and raised in the beautiful Windy City, Jeannette is a mother of a beautiful two year old little girl, wife to an amazing man, and currently in the process of going back to school. When she isn’t too busy with life or even just to get away from it all, she enjoys sneaking in a read here and there. She has always been a sucker for a good romance but after reading FSOG…well let’s just say that gave “a good romance” a whole new meaning. Obsessed reader doesn’t even begin to explain it. Enjoys contemporary romance, YA, NA romance, erotica, hot-and-steamy, funny…you name it she loves it all. New to the blogging world (thanks to a friend 😉 ) but will certainly give you her honest opinion!

You can contact her at Truleevsspot@gmail.com, or follow her on Facebook, and Goodreads.

CMomma11  (Jamonica)

cmommajamThere’s always snow in Indiana, and that’s where CMomma11 (Jamonica) proudly calls home. When she’s not running a small private school, chauffeuring her beautiful 4-year old daughter to dance class and pageants, or running her handsome 9-year old son to Taekwondo, she’s focusing on constant home improvements. Luckily, she still finds plenty of time to indulge in her favorite pastime: READING! There are books in every room of her house, and for as long as she can remember she’s always had one handy. Her love of books goes beyond reading as she also enjoys writing children’s books and short stories. If her day isn’t jammed packed with things to do, then it just isn’t a day worth mentioning. As an avid lover the written word, you can count on any review from her to be an honest opinion!

I welcome all genres.

You can contact her at jamabston@gmail.com

Follow her on Facebook,  Goodreads, and  Pinterest.


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