Trulee V’s Book Reviews


I found the links below very informative and helpful as it relates to book reviews:

How to Get your Book Reviewed

5 Mistakes Authors Make when Approaching Book Bloggers


How Do We Rate?

Rating System

5 Stars – Amazing!  I truly loved the book and everything about it.  I would highly recommend it, and do countless re-reads.

4 Stars – Great!  I enjoyed the book and it stuck with me.  I would recommend to others.

3 ½ Stars – Above Average ! I liked the book and it was good.  I would recommend others to try it out and make their own determinations.

3 Stars – Average!  The book was between good and “so-so”.  I got through it, but it is a book that I can put down and not think about it.

½ Stars – Good! Easy read but I wasn’t drawn in. This is a book that was just missing something.


2 Stars – Nothing to write home about!  I finished the book but my interest was not held.

1 Star – DNF (Did Not Finish) – I very rarely give this out but sometimes, I just need to stop.


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